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  My creations are born of my passions, interests and pursuits. I have a deep and abiding love of movement, adornment, and a lifelong appreciation for the rich visual history of artistic design traditions. Color and design combinations are created from the inspiration of ethnic art, Art Nouveau, and Craftsmen design style. After the alchemical process of my imagination is added to this compelling combination, the resulting work of art is not only stunning to look at but transformative when worn.

In that my art consists of wearable clothing, it is in a whole different category from that which is viewed on the wall. An item which is worn must enhance the owner as well as creating a symbiotic relationship rather than existing as a separate entity. It is my intention that my art transmutes to the wearer a state of being that has both sensual pleasure and feels enhanced both internally and externally. In the same way, the clothing becomes more alive when its owner wears it. This magical occurrence often makes me think of each piece as being a talisman in search of an owner.

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