Luxurious, flowing silk hand painted by the artist in rich jewel tones makes of each scarf a collectible piece of wearable art.

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  The Color Muse hand painted scarf collection uses 3 different types of silk.
Crepe de Chine: All 15"x60" pieces are crepe de Chine, a drapey silk that dyes beautifully and has a luminous luster. The texture is finely pebbled and fairly opaque which provides an excellent canvas for highly detailed designs. Scarves are substantial enough to wear tied or worn loose without falling off.

Chiffon: A light and airy silk with a more transparent look made from tightly twisted yarns resulting in a crepe-like texture. Drapes beautifully falling in soft, languid ripples.

Ribbon Jacquard: Alternating bands of woven floral jacquard and a substantial chiffon create a texture that is weighty and warm enough to wear as a wrap on breezy evenings. Gold thread is subtly woven in alternating sections for a rich and stunning look.

View the Scarf Collection


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