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It begins with equal parts exploration and inspiration. Ideas come from any source - a song, a stained glass window, a Greek vase, a modern composition or a museum trip.


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  All painted pieces start out as pure, white silk, pre washed to allow for the best penetration of the dyes. The silk is then stretched over a wooden frame, similar to a canvas. The design is then "drawn" with a thickened dye and painted using liquid silk dyes and occasionally, metallic fabric pigments. 

After painting, all pieces then go through a special steam process analogous to a ceramic piece being fired in a kiln so that the dyes are chemically bonded with the silk.  The piece may now be cleaned without fear of rinsing out any color. This time and labor-intensive process results in colors which are exceptionally rich and luminous.  Wearers of Color Muse creations often find that they wish to collect different pieces to make a statement, match a mood or enrich a favorite look.

For more information on Nora Daniel, her art, news or shows, please contact the artist at

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